Radio is a Sensor
World’s lowest power Ultra-Wideband (UWB) solution for high precision location and direction finding

Mauna Kea Semiconductors

was founded a group of Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs in semiconductor industry with many successful products developed and launched into the market. The company’s mission is to develop the world’s lowest power Ultra-Wideband (UWB) solution to enable high precision location and direction finding applications in smartphone, wearables, IoT and automotive market. The company’s team has strong expertise in both digital and analog/mixed-signal design plus experience in designing for high performance, low-power, and highly-integrated System-On-Chip. We currently have offices across both Silicon Valley California, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen in China.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Yifeng Zhang

President/Chief Executive Officer

Vasanth Gaddam

Chief Architect

Dr. Allen Li

Vice President of Engineering

Joe Luo

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Chen

Chief Marketing Officer

Zhou Yi

Vice President of Marketing

Meet Our Investors