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Our Ultra-Wideband Products

To learn more about our MK8000 for your UWB applications, Please reach out to us.

UWB Chips

Introducing MK8000 UWB System-On-Chip

  • Integrated ARM based MCU with co-processor to run UWB stack and algorithm for applications
  • Lowest power consumption for battery operated devices
  • Highest integration for smallest size implementation and low rBOM cost
  • Highest Performance for best application experience

UWB Modules

Partner modules for easy implementation and faster time to market

  • UWB only module with single antenna or multiple antenna
  • UWB combo module with Bluetooth

UWB Solutions

Complete UWB solution with hardware, software, and algorithm with more new UWB application solution coming!

  • Complete SDK with CCC, Fira and custom UWB profile support
  • UniBeacon technology for high precision ranging and direction finding applications
  • OctSens technology for UWB radar sensing capability